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How much does a booth at the Denver 2019 Show cost?

One 10 x 10 booth costs $3,000, with an additional $500 for a corner.

How much does a booth at the Portland 2019 Show cost?

One 10 x 10 booth costs $3,000, with an additional $500 for a corner.

Are there discounts available for a 10 x 20?

Booth prices run in $3,000 increments per 10 x 10. For a 10 x 20, the cost is $6,000, 10 x 30 costs $9,000, 20 x 20 costs $12,000 etc.

Are there any other costs incurred outside of the set booth rate?

INDO EXPO booth prices are ALL-Inclusive. Included: Electricity (500W Denver, 600W Portland), WiFi, Complimentary porter service to assist you with move in / move out, Complimentary tickets/passes to all INDO EXPO evening networking events, Pipe, Drape, and 1 8 foot Table, 2 Chairs, and Wastebasket are provided per 10 x 10. Therefore, the only extra costs incurred is if an exhibitor requires additional electricity, extra tables and chairs, skirting for tables, and shipping freight to the Show.

Are we allowed to share a booth? If so, how does it work?

Yes. (A Booth Share should be chosen, when two separate companies wish to share the booth space.) When you complete the booth registration/contract, there is a selection for a Booth Share.  Choose that option and follow the instructions.  Total fee for two companies sharing an inline 10 x 10 booth is $3,500.  Invoices can be split between the two companies. Contact your show coordinator to confirm payment plans, booth sizes, etc.

*Each company will receive their own listing on all Exhibitor Rosters, in the Show Directory, notification on the booth sign, logo placement on INDO website, receive their own social media pushes via INDO EXPO Social Media platforms, etc.

Can we represent other labels or brands inside of our booth?

Yes. (An additional label/brand should be chosen, when the parent company owns more than one label and wishes to sell additional labels from the booth space.) When you complete the booth registration/contract, there is a selection for Additional Labels/Brands. Choose that option and follow the instructions.  Each additional label/brand is $250.

*Each company will receive their own listing on all Exhibitor Rosters, in the Show Directory, notification on the booth sign, logo placement on INDO website, receive their own social media pushes via INDO EXPO SM platforms, etc.

If I am a multi line distributor, do I need to pay $250 per all lines I represent and wish to show out of my booth space?

No. But only the main or parent company will be listed as an exhibitor withing the Show.

As an exhibitor may I sell retail merchandise?

If you are legally allowed to sell retail merchandise, pay taxes per your state laws and follow all laws regarding your sales transactions, Yes.

My company will not be able to exhibit, but we would still like to advertise within your Show directory, is that possible?

Yes. Choose which show you would like to advertise in via the below links:

Advertise in the Denver show directory

Advertise in the Portland show directory

What's the address for the Denver show?

451 East 58th Avenue, Denver, CO 80216, Expo Halls

What's the address for the Portland show?

2060 N. Marine Drive Portland, Oregon, 97217

How do we ship freight to the show?

For information on shipping to the Denver show: Denver Shipping and Drayage

For information on shipping to the Portland show: Exhibitor Kit

How does INDO EXPO Promote the events?

Indo Expo shows have a strong presence on social media platforms, online event calendars, along with national and local print advertising campaigns. We utilize telemarketing to start per-registering buyers months before the show, as well as a large street team campaign to ensure a strong physical presence. We understand the importance of  being out in the community, all Indo Expo employees live in either the Denver or Portland areas. Our team attends Cannabis events, work with local farmers, visit grow sites, dispensaries, head shops and hydro stores to ensure we are always networking and growing.

How many people attend the Shows?

November, 2014 – 2000 ppl
July, 2015 – 2800 ppl
January, 2016 – 3200 ppl
January, 2017 – 4500 ppl
January, 2018 – 10,000 ppl

April, 2018 – 2000 ppl

August, 2016 – 4200 ppl
August, 2017 – 5000 ppl
August, 2018 – 4000 ppl

What type of stores/people attend the Show?

Growers of all scales, Dispensaries, Extractors, Grow Stores, Smoke Shops, Canna Businesses, Investors, Apparel Stores, Gift Stores, Jewelry & Accessories Stores, Art & Glass Galleries, Souvenir Shops and more.

How do I qualify for the complimentary two day pass?

The INDO EXPO Trade Show welcomes all retailers, buyers, licensed facilities and farms.

This is a business to business event, it is complementary to B2B professionals that *qualify and pre-register by deadlines.

  • Qualified attendees are the person(s)/companies attending INDO EXPO to purchase products and or services from the Exhibitors for the wholesale B2B marketplace.   Producers, processors, wholesalers, labs, research, retail, farms, hydroponic, garden, master growers, extraction tech, consultants, smoke, glass, gift, etc..
  • Personnel with verifying wholesale buyers license, EIN, or any license # pertaining to the many different verticals within the industry will qualify for COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS

Questions? Contact

I missed the pre-registration deadline, can I still get in for free?

Once the deadline has passed, complimentary access is no longer available and you will be asked to purchase a ticket.

I would like to attend the Industry Only day on Saturday, but I do not possess the proper documentation. may I still attend, and if so, how?

Yes. You may purchase a two-day event pass for $199, and this pass provides access to the Expo and all seminars held on both days.

Purchase All Access Two Day Pass for the Denver show- Purchase Tickets Here!

I purchased a $199 two day event ticket, but can not attend, may I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, email for assistance with this.

I am interested in attending on Sunday, when you are open to the Public, how may I purchase a Sunday only ticket and what does it include?

The Sunday ticket allows for Sunday access to the Expo, all seminars and demonstrations.

Purchase Sunday ticket for the Denver Show Here!

I purchased a general public ticket, but can not attend, may I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, email for assistance with this.

What states is Cannabis recreational sales Legal in?

California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

May I purchase Cannabis at the event?


May I sell my CBD line at the Show?

Yes. CBD products may be legally sold within the United States.

May I distribute swag from my booth?

Yes. Promotional items are a great way to attract people to your booth and build awareness about your brand. But it is not mandatory.

May I offer THC samples, edibles or distribute THC products at the Show?

No. It is illegal to distribute, consume or purchase any THC products at the INDO EXPO Show.

Smoking Marijuana at the Show Site, is it allowed?

No. None of the facilities that house our events allow for cannabis consumption on site.  When at our event, you must obey the state laws and facility rules.

I am attending the Show, do you have discounts with local area hotels?

May I bring my dog to the Show?

While we love pets, please do not bring your dogs any INDO EXPO Show. Only service animals are allowed.  All service animals must be on a leash and with the owner at all times.

My company is interested in sponsoring your event, what options are available?

INDO EXPO offers many Sponsorships, visit this link for additional information: Sponsorship Opportunities
We can also create a sponsorship based on your goals and budget. Contact to start the conversation.

What is a Marijuana Producer?

A Producer grows marijuana. A producer may sell marijuana they produce to retailers.

What is a Marijuana Processor?

A licensed person or business that may process, package, and label usable marijuana and marijuana-infused products for sale at wholesale to marijuana retailers.

Have a question not listed here? Please shoot us an email and we'll get back to you right away! Thank you

Cannabis Nutrients

Cannabis Nutrients - Indo Expo


A high-carbon, fine-grained solid that can be used as a soil amendment. It can have the effects of increasing agricultural productivity, increasing soil fertility in soils with a low pH and protecting plants against some foliar and soil-borne diseases.

Biodynamic Soil

Biodynamic soil is free of chemical soil treatments. Soil only contains organic, usually locally-sourced materials for fertilizing and soil conditioning.

Compost Teas

Compost teas are for plants what superfood smoothies are for humans – an instant boost of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Earthworm Castings

Worm castings are an organic form of fertilizer produced from earthworms. Also known as vermicast, worm castings manure is essentially earthworm waste, otherwise known as worm poo. As these creatures eat through compost, their waste creates an optimal soil enricher.

Fulvic Acids

Fulvic acid is a bi-product of humic acid. Humic acid is extracted from any material containing well-decomposed organic matter – soil, coal, composts, etc. As humic material is decomposed by living microbes, these microbes create the most biologically complex organic compound on earth, fulvic acid. Fulvic acid helps to increase the nutrient uptake of plants and can condition soil for a more efficient use of fertilizers. They help in establishing healthier roots, help increase yield and are beneficial for an overall better plant development.

Granular Nutrients

Granular Nutrients are fertilizers are solid granules. Granular fertilizers need a while to dissolve or decompose before plants can access their nutrients. Granular fertilizers are meant to be worked into the soil or sprinkled around plants. They last 1 to 9 months, depending on the type. Because they must first break down before releasing nutrients, it usually takes a watering and a few days to begin to see their results. It’s often good to work them into the ground before planting.


Guanos is the excrement from birds and bats and are among nature’s best organic fertilizers. Particularly high in nitrogen and phosphorus, guano fertilizers are excellent for use around fruiting and flowering plants.

Humic Acid

Humic acids are a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil (humus), peat and coal. It is also a major organic constituent of many upland streams, dystrophic lakes, and ocean water. It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter.

Liquid Soil Concentrate

A powdered hydroponic nutrient. Does not attract humidity, dissolves instantly when added to water. Does not require pH adjustments and no need for frequent dump and refresh.

Liquid Soil Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers are water-soluble powders or liquid concentrates that mix with water to make a fertilizer solution. Best known by its ability to be quickly absorbed by the plant. Quick absorption means nutrients are immediately available. This can be beneficial when plants and turf need a quick boost. This results in instant gratification. Liquids provide short term rapid results for quick green up.


The vegetative section of a fungus consisting of a network of fine white filaments called hyphae. Mycelium lives in the soil where it aids in the decomposition of organic matter, converting biomass into compost. Mycelium can also form mycorrhiza with the roots of a cannabis plant, directly feeding nutrients into the roots.


A symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a plant. The fungus will colonize (or “infect”) the host plant’s roots entering into a mutualistic relationship. Mycorrhiza grows around and inside the roots feeding on the sugars provided while scavenging decomposing organic matter in the soil and “feeding” it directly into the root.

N-P-K: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash (Potassium)

N-P-K Rating system to show in fertilizer what levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potash are really appropriate for your lawn, and garden plants.

Nitrogen helps make plants greener, and helps them grow faster. Nitrogen can be depleted over time by plants, or by being washed away.

Phosphorous is good for root growth, disease resistance, seed and fruit growth, and for blooming and flowering.

Potash can help with increasing root growth, with drought resistance, and with disease resistance. (So why is it K? Because it would be confusing if they used P twice in a row, and you’d never know which is which!)

Powdered Soil

In an in-ground grow, most of the nutrients plants need for growth would be supplied by the soil in which they are grown. However, soil is often deficient in specific nutrients. Powder nutrients can help in both of these situations. Powder nutrients, sometimes referred to as powdered soil, or powder feeds, are available in single nutrient packages, as well as premixed feeds that contain multiple nutrients. The single ingredient packages are best used for addressing deficiencies, while the premixed feeds are excellent options for creating entire nutrient solutions for plants.

Powder nutrients are similar to granular fertilizers used for soil gardens, however, the marketing around powder nutrients is specifically geared towards hydroponic growers.

Shooting Powders

Used to induce a second surge of flower production during the last three weeks of the flowering cycle. Shooting Powder forces a new stage of growth when the plant is almost ready to be cropped.

Soil Hardeners

Nutrients and additives for your plants’ soil to boost, harden, and promote healthy growth. Also used for erosion prevention and dust prevention in any environment.

Image Provided By: tomkawila/Shutterstock

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